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Our crust pâté made by Yannick, a light horseradish cream, young salad and tangy vinaigrette

18 €


Lobster raviolis, Thaï flavour bouillon, coriander and green curry

22 €


Stir-fried langoustine, creamy colyflower et râpé torréfié, veal juice and coffee parfumStir-fried langoustine, creamy colyflower et râpé torréfié, veal juice and coffee parfum

22 €

Melanosporum truffle

Creamy risotto with old parmesan and black truffles

26 €

Crottin de Cavignol - Goat cheese (V)

Maître Mons little crottin roasted with fresh thyme, red beetroot coulis with cumin, roasted almonds

20 €

Gillardeau Oyters

Served by six, rye bread, raspberry and shallot vinaigrette, semi-salted butter

22 €


Beef in crust

Simmental beef in crust, chopped mushrooms and spinach, mashed potatoes with truffles and port juice

32 €


The pigeon served rosé in pastiche crust, butternut, beetroot and juice

34 €


The veal cooked in low temperature, celery aligot with old comté, candied salsify and hazelnut, morel jus

32 €


Cod roasted in butter, shell bouillon, samphire with small potatoes and shell reduction

30 €

Red tuna

Red tuna just seared, eggplant confit, caviar of red peppers with cumin, green and virgin harissa with white balsamic vinegar

34 €


Depending on the market's products and the Chef's inspiration

26 €


Desserts made by our pastry Chef

The selection of desserts and pastries

12 €

Ice cream & Sorbet

6 €

Cheese selection Maître Mons

Our cheese selection by Maître Mons "Meilleur Ouvrier de France"

14 €

Tasting Menu

A selection of small dishes from the menu (selected by the house)

65 €

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