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Asparagus, smoked haddock, soja vinaigrette, lemon and peanuts

20 €

Duck foie gras

Traditional duck foie gras, orange jam and butter toasted brioche

18 €


Lobster raviolis, Thaï flavour bouillon, coriander and green curry

20 €


Crab cannelloni in mayonnaise, green apple et blueberry coulis and lemon thyme

22 €


In the spirit of butter radish, parsley coulis, garlic confit and crispy bread

16 €


Farm poultry

Free range poultry in a chorizo crust, creamy white beans slightly raised, piquillo coulis and roast juice

28 €

Lamb gigot

A piece of lamb gigot slowcooked, green lentils with bacon and a juice with mint oil

30 €

Beef tab

Beef tab, shallots confit, mashed potato with truffles and porto sauce

32 €

Black cod

The black cod cooked on skin, fregola with the juice of shells, green asparagus with basilic oil, pine nuts and black olives

28 €

Red Tuna

Seared red tuna, eggplant caviar, virgin vegetables, cress risotto and juice

32 €


Depending on the market's products and the Chef's inspiration

24 €


Desserts made by our pastry Chef

The selection of desserts and pastries

12 €

Ice cream & Sorbet

6 €

Cheese selection Maître Mons

Our cheese selection by Maître Mons "Meilleur Ouvrier de France"

12 €

Tasting Menu

A selection of small dishes from the menu (selected by the house)

62 €

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