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Salmon (bio)

Salmon cooked gravlax style, leek and sauce ravigote

22 €


Crispy sweetbreads, girolles mushrooms, strong juice, foie gras and truffles

26 €


Lobster raviolis, Thaï flavour bouillon, coriander and green curry

22 €


Squid, white been houmous and rucola pesto

22 €

Mac & cheese

Fregola sarda mac & cheese, béchamel with truffles and parmesan

22 €

Frog legs

Traditional frog legs with garlic and parsley

26 €



Roasted doe saddle cooked in low temperature, parsley aligot, girolles mushrooms and strong juice

36 €

Iberico prc

Iberian porc filet mignon, mashed peas with dill with a cesar sauce

34 €


Rack of Irish lamb cooked rosé, celery and rosemary, light mint oil and juice

34 €


Roasted scallops, mashed sweet potato, virgin celery, cucumber and lemon confit

36 €

Monk fish

Roasted monk fish fillet, gnocchi’s cooked in butter with sage, Iberico chorizo, bell pepper and lobster sauce

32 €


Depending on the market's products and the Chef's inspiration

26 €


Desserts made by our pastry Chef

The selection of desserts and pastries

12 €

Ice cream & Sorbet

6 €

Cheese selection Maître Mons

Our cheese selection by Maître Mons "Meilleur Ouvrier de France"

14 €

Tasting Menu

A selection of small dishes from the menu (selected by the house)

65 €

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